A little bit about me: I've been teaching & leading divers in Guam for over 8 years now....all told, more than 4,700 dives here...including more than 380 at Guam's most popular dive point, the BLUE HOLE. Although I grew up along the Mississippi River in America's midwestern region, I've lived throughout the Pacific area for most of the last 17 years.  I still go home every year, usually to enjoy the Autumn weather, and, of course, my "dog away from home" Sadie, but the diving and beaches there don't compare to Guam!  There are a few hardy souls willing to dive in the frigid lakes of western Iowa, though!

I spent  3 1/2 years teaching Aquaculture (Fish farming) on the South Pacific Island of Fiji, and a few years teaching English in southern Japan, near the city of Osaka. 
  My college background is in biology, and through my various jobs I've learned to speak Japanese pretty well, and a bit of Spanish & Fijian as well.
Our Diving Philosophy: Scuba diving, if done properly, is a VERY safe sport...well, maybe not so safe for your bank account, if you get "hooked" and are flying all over the world looking for whale sharks, manta rays and other exotic fish!  But other than the occasional excited student bumping me in the head with their scuba tank underwater there's very little to fear if you "follow the rules."  Certainly no sea monsters to worry about here!  So diver safety is our FIRST concern, but running a close second is your enjoyment of the dive.  Any instructor/guide can make a "safe" dive...."Hey you! Sit there on the bottom. Don't move! Don't even breathe...well, I guess you can breathe...but don't do anything else!" At our shop, we'll treat you as an individual...if you want very close supervision, we'll provide it.  If you're an experienced diver, we'll give you more freedom. As long as you're not doing anything dangerous or destructive to the reef, we'll do what we can to provide the best dive possible.  If there's anything you can think of that would let us make your dive better, please let us know!if
Yukiko Kobayashi is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer from Sendai, Japan. She has experience teaching in both the cold waters of Northern Japan & the tropical waters of Guam, where she has assisted with classes for a number of years. She's also our main "chef" and prepares delicious lunches including teriyaki Tuna, turkey & swiss cheese on French bread, egg rolls, grilled shrimp, fresh fruit & cookies. We're pretty sure we provide the best lunches for divers on Guam....free of charge for our boat divers & students.  I have to eat the leftovers, so the lunches HAVE to be good!
Hana, our Labrador Retriever, doesn't get to dive with us very often, but she will go for a swim once in a while. She likes to run around in the woods, jump in puddles, get muddy...just like me!  Just like all our dive gear, she then gets rinsed & properly put away at the end of a hard day working!

If you're a little nervous around dogs, don't worry....when we have customers in the shop, we keep her on a leash in the corner, until we're sure no-one is afraid of dogs....and she's very friendly!
Hana ready to protect us from lizards & toads!
Yukiko with customers aboard the boat
Chris at a scenic overlook in southern Guam, where dolphins frequent the bays
Chris, Yukiko & Hana on the Pura Vida
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