Our divers underwater
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Atsushi looking through the anchor tube at American Tanker
A batfish thinking of having my finger for lunch
A shallow pinnacle near the Blue Hole
Divers in "skydiving" position at Blue Hole entrance
Chris at the WW I German ship Cormoran
Byron & Ed surrounded by Pyramid Butterflyfish
Chris being followed by Pyramid Butterflyfish at Shark's Pit
Ed at the Crevice with Redtooth Triggerfish & Pyramid Butterflyfish
Masumi in a bubble ring at Hap's Reef
Two divers in the superstructure of the American Tanker
Naoaki watching a Crown of Thorns starfish move along the sand at Hap's Reef
Naoaki with a school of hungry Sergeant Majors at Piti Bombholes
Sanae surrounded by Rainbow Runners & Giant Trevallies at Gab Gab II
Naomi by the Atlantis submarine at Gab Gab II
Sanae looking through the American Tanker anchor tube
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Jon from England at the German WW I ship "Cormoran"
Chris at a WWII Amtrak near Agat cemetary
New photos in yellow border
Ishide couple in Guam's Blue Hole