Miscellaneous Photos
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Photos from Fiji, about 1986~1990
At Guam's annual 4 km/2.4 mile Cocos Ocean Race in May, 2003
Mostly just divers goofing around
Somebody has a little too much time on their hands....all fake photos
Rose & Jenna  from Haiti & Australia
A few of the countries our divers have come from are........
Deborah & Allan (Singapore) here on business, taking a break!
Jon (England) visiting a WW I German shipwreck
A scary guide with her divers!
New photos with yellow border
Chris at a fish harvest in Fiji
Chris carrying a bucket of Tilapia from the harvest
At Peter & Anita's wedding in Fiji
The annual 4km/2.4mile Cocos Island swim
Two women getting snacks after completing the swim
Don't worry...this is not a real shark!
Chris after completing the 4km/2.4 mile swim...all because his dog ate his t-shirt from LAST year's race!
Chris balancing a sunken coconut tree on his head at Hap's Reef....at least his head is good for something!
A girl with a sea cucumber hat
Chris making a giant bubble ring at the Crevice anchor
A coral-encrusted spear where it has been wedged for at least 5 years at Barracuda Rock
HEY! Careful with that spear gun!
A diver with a Cushion Star
Our lunch?
Diving in Iowa?
Don't take too long on the ladder!
Christina, from Malaysia, is on the right
Johnny & Tiffany from Hong Kong
Beet from Switzerland, at the Blue Hole
Satoe & friends from Japan on the beach
Sabrina & Kate from Taiwan with our dog "Hana"
Chris with Junni from Denmark
Alfe, from Germany, with his wife aboard the boat
Chicheri from France, with his friend from Japan
Marcia, from Missouri, USA...after her first ever boat dive, I think
Unable to find Hong Kong flag...now part of China?