Guam's beaches & scenery
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A view of the ocean between boulders near Asan, site of the US military's return to Guam in WW 2.
Ceti Bay, where dolphins are commonly seen, in southern Guam
Shop co-owner Chris at Piti Bombholes, ready to do another dive
Chris at the Fort Soledad cannons, left behind by the Spaniards hundreds of years ago
Tired but still alive after completing the 2.4 mile/4 km Cocos Crossing ocean race in 2003
Chris with Masumi & family after an intro dive at Piti Bombholes
After diving with a Catherine & Greeman from Taiwan, at Piti Bombholes
Japanese couple standing next to historic Latte Stones in Guam's capitol, Hagatna.
A Japanese couple enjoying the quiet beach & sun
A Japanese family with Miss Guam Tourism 2003 at Two Lover's Point
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A view of Piti Bombholes, or Fish Eye Park, from the hillside
A double rainbow, photo taken off our balcony...I actually saw a TRIPLE rainbow once!
A secluded beach far from the busy tourist area
A beautiful sunrise to start off your tropical day in Guam!
The Two Lover's Point overlook, with a great view of Tumon and the ocean to the south
A view of the azure sea from Fort Soledad, in Umatac, southern Guam
Yukiko & Sayaka admiring the catch by some Chamorro fishermen
Note: the photos on this page show Guam from North to South, in general moving along the West coast.
Two Lover's Point seen from Gun Beach, one of our favorite beach dives
A family outside the Hilton Hotel, a short walk from our shop
Happy intro divers from Taiwan at Piti Bombholes
And finally, a spectacular sunset to end your day
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Satoe group horseback riding in southern Guam
Satoe group having fun on the beach in front of our shop
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