Introductory beach diving....1  dive $65
                                                         2 dives $100
Intro diving from boat  1 dive....$110 (usually available PM only)
                                                2 dives.....$170
Beach/boat intro combo (2 dives)............$150

Beach Diving:  1 dive $65
                              2 dives $100
                        Night: $100  2 or more people $85 each
Boat Diving:  1 dive $85
                          2 dives $115
                          3 dives $185
Charter Boat Diving:  Contact us in advance for price quotes...depending on boat used, number of dives desired, and location, the price will vary. Most small
charters can take up to 6 divers, so smaller groups will pay more per diver.

Open Water Course....$380 (4 dives)
Advanced Course .........$380 (5 dives including 2 boat dives).
Email here:
All of the prices here are in effect for those who contact us directly via email or phone. Prices obtained through travel agents will be higher.  We provide experienced guides, lunches or snacks & juice for all our dives.

Chris Gulick
671 477 3484